Rules - International climbing meeting

International climbing Meeting

Rules and General terms
San Vito lo Capo (CT) 6/7 May 2016

Every year on behalf of the IFMGA, a national association organizes the Climbing Championships for all members of the International Association. The main aim of the Championship is to enable the IFMGA guides to meet once a year during a friendly event which gives "veterans" the opportunity to meet again and to "newcomers" an occasion to cultivate their relationships.

1 - General Information

  • The competition will be performed on different sport climbing routes arranged on artificial facilities.
  • Only mountain guides and aspirant guides are authorized for participation.
  • The ranking list will be calculated according to the scores and degree of difficulty of the climbed routes.
  • The climbing competition is divided into 2 different rounds: Qualification round - Final round

2 - Categories

There will be 6 male categories:                             

  • A: Up to the age of 30 years (1986) 
  • B: From 31 to 40 years (1985-1976)
  • C: From 41 to 50 years    (1975-1966)
  • D: From 51 to 60 years   (1965-1956)
  • E: From 61 to 70 years   (1955-1946)
  • F: Over 71 years  (>1945)

There will be 2 female categories

  • A: Up to the age of 40 years (to 1976)
  • B:Over 40 years (>1975)


3 - Qualification

The qualification comprises 2 rounds: the first round will take at least 5 hours and the second one will take at least 3 hours and will be organized in the two following days.
The qualification round will take place on at least 15 competition routes divided into four classes:

  • Fun Class (degree of difficulty up to 5c)
  • Master Class (degree of difficulty up to 6c)
  • Pro Class (degree of difficulty up to 7b)
  • Top Class (degree of difficulty over 7b)

The degree of difficulty is measured according the French Grading System.
Each route will receive a score to be calculated according to the following measuring table:


To get the final route score, the degree of difficulty is multiplied by the number of grips (chain included) in the same route. To get the final score for the individual climber performance, the score of the last grip reached by the competitor without stopping or resorting to artificial help will be considered.
If the competitor climbs all routes in one of the 4 Classes, he/she will get a corresponding bonus as shown in the previous table.
At the end of the two qualification rounds the ranking-list will be calculated according the total score reached by the individual competitor


It will be an "on sight-trial" according to the International Rules.
Only the first 20 qualified male competitors and 10 qualified female competitors can participate on this last qualification round

5 - National team competition

The ranking list will be calculated according to the score reached by the best competitor out of the seven categories.

Awards will be given to
  • National teams – First 3 best teams: podium and participation award for all other teams. .
  • Categories (7) – First 3 best competitors: podium for each category.
  • Man ranking-list – First 20 competitors
  • Woman ranking-list – First 10 competitors
  • Family contest – First 3 best competitors: podium for each category.
  • Family contest – Best male and female competitor (excl. Guides).
  • The Organizing Committee can at its sole discretion increase the above mentioned prizes or award special recognitions and trophies.


Applications must be sent within the date indicated by the Organizing Committee. A 30% extra fee will be added to registrations made on the competition day. A registration will be considered valid only together with the relevant payment receipt. The participant’s date of birth has to be clearly indicated on each registration form.

The competition is open to all mountain guides and aspirant guides owning a national or an IFMGA membership card.


Family Contest

During the climbing competition, guides together with their relatives can take part to a “Family Contest”. The allowed degrees of relationship are: children, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, grandchildren/nephews/nieces, uncles/aunts.

  • The F1 Category is made up of 2 (two) family members.
  • The F2 Category is made up of 3 (three) family members.
  • The 3 members family teams partecipate at the same time in the F1 and F2 rankings with the best scores obtained.

The very same rules described in the “Qualification” chapter apply to the Family Contest, whose ranking-list will be calculated by summing the scores reached by individual team members. There will not be a final round.